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Guests who sit at our tables for the first time, will immediately notice the genuine, simple type of food the Polesine region offers, food which is rich in flavours and new fragrances, beginning with the home made bread and the rich Pinza Onta which is often prepared in winter.The meal starts with an antipasto of salami prepared from pigs, reared on the farm, accompanied by vegetables preserved in vinegar or sweet and sour.

First courses vary from home made pasta with a sauce of either vegetables or seasonal meats, locally called tastasale, to tortelloni, a large type of ravioli filled with a stuffing of capon, pumpkin or pigeon. There is a choice of baked pasta dishes or thick soups, like pasta and beans, or soups made with vegetables cooked in the oven.

We are proud to offer a plentiful and rich variety of main courses, the result of the development of the so called ‘poor’ dishes, consisting of baked vegetables of which the region has a great variety, or meat and game such as rabbit, capon, guinea fowl and duck. Luciana’s pride is her speciality, braised duck, which was awarded the 1999-2000 International Golden Cook Prize.

None of the desserts should be missed, from the strudel (from a 1877 recipe of Granny Clementine) to fruit tarts of those made with selected jams ( try the caramelised water melon jam), or tagliatelle cake, and the Clementine cakes. Our wines are not pretentious but genuine wines from le tre venezie, the local wine areas..