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Touring bike itineraries and garage
  • Trekking
  • Visits to the animals on the farm
  • Excursions along the banks of the river Adige on mountain bikes provided by us
  • Organised excursions on the Po Delta in small boats, through reeds and water channels to discover the local flora and fauna
  • Didactic activities
  • Organised tourist packages to visit the surrounding areas and neighbouring cities

Visit guided to the Parks:

Oasis Valley Averto (Chioggia) - 500 hectares of situated reserve in the inferior average party of the lagoon of Coming. And' a typical valley of fishing with ample mirrors of fresh water and saumâtre, cannaies and uncultivated meadows. Absolute protagonists of the oasis are the birds: the German reality, the alzavola, the mestolone and the Turkish fistione, oasis symbol. Between the mammals, are present the rate, forages it, the polecat and the fox. In the areas of water doucs are present the giunco, the cannaie and the cane of marécage.

OASIS WWF - Such. 041,5185060

Parks of the Delta of the Po - 12,000 hectares of parks following the "Romea" that links up Chioggia to Ravenne. The big river Po ramified in many directions created valleys and canals, in a sort of natural labyrinth. A big variety of birds is present: airone, newspaper, nitticora, rider of Italia, real pittima, beccacino, avocetta, marsh falco. Between the mammals: the donnola, the polecat, the otter and the innumerevoli moles and hedgehogs. One can admire a big variety of canes palustres, ninfee and on the got up, maritime poplars and hawthorns.

ORGANISM PARKS Such. 0426-372202

Parks of the Necks Euganei - 18,702 hectares of parks understanding the reliefs colloriés, of vulcanic's origin , that one finds to the south of Padoue, a rich zone for the presence of thermal sources and for a lot of architectural works of the medieval period and rinascimentale, between which ones numerous villas and abazie, as well as the historic centers surround by wood and vineyards. The climate and the ground composition renders possible the living together of the chaine with the olive trees.