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"In the earth understood between the big streams, (Adige-Po) I wanted to fix my domicile, sure that this place would have become the point of meeting of people that they believe again in the values of the friendship, that like the tranquillity and they appreciate the good kitchen." These few lines written by Luciana-clementine Vallese unveil the whole sense of the agriturismo and the how she/it took the name.

Everything that Clementine produces in the agricultural exploitation, (transform in the dishes for her pleasant Hosts) are in the grandmother's memory paternal Clementine and of her mother.

Of the "schizzato", to (type of bread makes in house) the clip shame, to the braised skinny duck, to the worked vegetables, there is her family's history. Very numerous family who lived in a big house in the Villadose (RO). The men worked in the fields and other studied medicine.; The duty belonged to the paternal grandmother to organize everything. It was her duty to prepare and to distribute the polenta and the beans that never missed.

The grandmother was a strong and courageous woman that always carried a hat of man to increase the authority of his illustration. One relates that she had no difficulty to support the rifle to defend his family when all the men were at war.

"Luciana relates again his force, his physics, his courage and his big will with a lot of nostalgia." "Thank you grandmother to have transmitted me not poorly of your qualities". This was my mother to want to give me this name and then when she died I discover in the birth certificates of the mom that she was called also Maria-Joconde-Clémentine.Then I thus realized that the two women more important of my life carried the same name.

From them I learned the taste for the kitchen, for the well ready table and the welcome spirit, that only in numerous families one can learn. When my mother died I understood that to his name and to the one of the grandmother my fate had to be secured.. This is as well as I decided to buy the agricultural exploitation and of some to restructure the palace to do my agriturism and of. to entitle it "The Clementines".

Thus in few lines luciana-clémentine Vallese relates the history of the 'Clementines',
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